I am a 23 year-old photographer from Long Island, NY, currently in a Master's program for Social Work. I've been a photographer for three years now, and in that time I've come to realize what my personal meaning of  photography is. There are so many limits that our lifestyles and society places upon us. Photography is an avenue of mine, free of those constraints. Hopefully those who see it can feel and understand my intent.

In March, life changed for everyone. COVID-19 has put a mental and physical strain on everyone in ways that can simply not be accurately conveyed in words. Since the beginning of quarantine in New York, I began taking pictures to document how society and life around me has changed over time. Head over to the Photography tab above and select the gallery labeled COVID-19 to view each photo I've taken.

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*For individual portrait shoots,, head over to my contact page or the tab,  "Social",  to find out about pricing and/or availability. For prints, contact me through email or click on the "Prints" link. to see what I have in stock.*

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